Rolls Royce and Bentley wood veneers can, as with all natural products over time deteriorate due to many factors:

USE or ABUSE – seatbelt catch damage.
- ill fitting doors due to hinge wear causing splitting at the ends of door cappings.

DAMP – penetrating the wood veneer and lacquer, causing a yellowish haze around instrument and switch apertures.

UV LIGHT – particularly affecting the dark stained door cappings, causing them to peel.

CHIPS IN LACQUER – often from wear and tear or seatbelt knocking on the cappings.  The drivers door capping is always the worse affected.

Popular misconceptions:  Customers often call us and say that their door cappings need reveneering when infact it is only the dark stained lacquering on the tops of the door cappings that is peeling off.  This lacquer can be stripped and replaced with new stain and lacquer, repolished and brought back to their former glory.

Splits can occur in the ends of the door cappings, as they are a tight fit on the door apertures over time the impact of the door being opened and closed can create splits this is something we can address by repairing the splits after we have removed the lacquer.  We then relacquer them and polish.

Unfortunately, sometimes people decide a tube of superglue or a coat of yacht varnish is the answer IT IS NOT, this will not solve any problems, but does in fact create a lot of new ones and make what would have been a straight forward strip/relacquer/polish in to a restoration process as well.

Rolls Royce and Bentley interiors can be relacquered (properly) a number of times before reveneering or veneer repairs are needed.  Indeed we are saddened by Customers who report they have spent a lot of money on a complete reveneer when it is quite apparent to us that they only needed a relacquer!

The reason Rolls Royce and Bentley wood is so resilient is that they were made well in the first place by a craftsman using good quality veneer that has been made from one piece and carefully matched to ensure continuity of colour and grain.  Taking out panels and replacing them with alternatives from other models is never a good idea as they will not match and look out of place.