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Rolls Royce and Bentley interior wood veneer panels are one of the things that distinguish the Rolls Royce from many other luxury cars.  Wooden dash boards, inlays, door cappings and picnic tables, all very opulent and seemingly of a different time/age.

Over the years Rolls Royce interiors have evolved from model to model, Cloud, Shadow, Wraithe Spirit, Spur, but all still retaining the Rolls Royce quality and style. Wooden dashboard and glove box lid, door cappings, rear quarter vanity mirrors to name but a few.

Most Shadows, Spirits, Spurs, Wraiths etc., come with a set of standard wood veneered items, the main dashboard, glove box lid, end panel with the map light switch and an additional rectangular piece next to the glove box lid., a radio console panel, four door cappings, vanity mirrors at the rear of the car in the C posts.  Picnic tables were also fitted, but not on all models.

Fitted roof Corniches also have a rear quarter window frame, the convertibles have a set of six hardwood strips on each folding segment of the hood frame.

Door cappings vary from model to model, early Shadows feature a driver side ashtray and are veneered on their vertical faces with edge banding, they have a dark stained hardwood top.  Some have a hole for a mirror control on both sides, but early ones only on the driver’s side. Extra holes can be fitted during the relacquering process.

Later cars have a similar, but wider door capping with the trademark dark stained hardwood top, some Bentley models only have the hardwood top and no veneered vertical face at all.  Later Spirits and Spurs do not have the dark top at all, but the veneer is wrapped around their exposed surface.

The dashboards on early Shadows and Corniches are one flat piece of veneered wood with a glove box lid, Shadows and Spirits and Spurs all share a four piece dashboard, glove box lid, an end panel with a map switch and a rectangular piece of veneered wood.  As they get newer the layout changes slightly as the instrumentation and ventilation systems change subtly.

Picnic tables on early cars have a hardwood surround with mitred edges and the table is opened with a small chrome knob, these are normally found on early Shadows and Corniches.

Later Shadows, Spurs, Wraiths, Spirits etc., were fitted with a larger table and the surround is rectangular with radius corners, some are leather faced with only the insides veneered, others have a fully veneered face.

If the car was not originally fitted with picnic tables we can construct complimentary picnic tables to blend with the existing veneer.

Rarely, wooden veneered door panels were fitted; these were fitted in the centre of the door around the interior window switches and door opening handle.  These can be refinished or we can again make a new set.

We can restore and refinish original steering wheels; rebind leather wheels, repair and make good wooden wheels or completing reconstruct plastic wheels.

We also offer a variety of different complimentary steering wheels.

As with all natural products over time they can deteriorate due to many factors. On this site you can see many of the problems that Rolls Royce wood veneers suffer; we have also shown you examples of how these problems have been overcome by the correct restoration or repair.